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These new words "trends" of the life of our languages

Whether they are Anglicism or Francisme, we express ourselves daily in so-called living languages ​​because they evolve. Each year, new words from other languages, combined with another language, or simply dialectic terms, come in. LanguageAnDesign has chosen for you some of the most salient; read instead:

  • Retweet: Tweeting again;
  • Jihadism or jihadism: Radical form of jihad that advocates the use of armed combat; Islamist terrorism.
  • Deradicalize: make less radical; to abandon some radical doctrine.
  • Gamer or Gamer: (anglicism) amateur video games online.
  • Playlist or playlist: (Anglicism) list of music tracks / selection
  • Influencer: person having a great influence on the decision makers or the opinion
  • Liker and likes: (anglicism) Indicate that we appreciate content on the internet

It should be noted that these words are an integral part of the Robert 2018 and can be consulted on the following link: